Do you know how many toilets have been built in Swachh Bharat Mission?

Swachh Bharat Mission started on October 02, 2014. So recently I filed an RTI application to Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs to know what is going on in area of decreasing open defecation. I tried to know the effectiveness of Swachh Bharat Mission from its beginning till now.

So basically they sent me all the details related to Swachh Bharat Mission Urban which are quite satisfying. All the details are as of on 02 July 2018.
Total number of Individual House Hold toilet(IHHT): 4928432 nos.
Total number of Community and Public Toilet (CT/PT): 350650 nos.
I also asked then the cost which the central government invested in constructing these toilets per year since 2014. Its details are as below:
All amount is in INR Crore
You will find maximum amount of these five years was spent in session 2016-17 i.e. 699.1117+157.6001 = 856.7118 Crore Rupees.
In these five years till now government has spent in total around INR 2300.3828 Crore in IHHT and INR 512.4226 on CT/PT toilets. So in total it comes around INR 2812.8054 crores in five years. As time is still left in current session so we can expect more fund of INR 300-400 crore in the leftover session. 
I think to me the progress is quite good. I had discussion on this application reply with editors of some prominent news papers they also told me that the release of funds for construction of toilets has been easier in comparison to previous government schemes like Nirmal Bharat. Though this number is not that big in comparison of our population requirements but I find it a good start. These values given above are just for Urban sector only. Soon I will also publish facts related to rural development. I hope you like these facts on fund release which you might not be even finding in news papers till now. Tell me how you guys feel over these findings? What are your views on this? Is this start is a good sign?
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