Indore is actually the cleanest city of India

First of all, I welcome you on my blog. This is my first post. So I thank you for your time.
Recently I had a chance to visit Indore which is located in heart state of India Madhya Pradesh. I was very excited because I was visiting Indore for a great cause. I was invited by Google for a Google Search Conference which was held in Indore Marriott. I reached Indore one day before the conference so that I can explore Indore.
So I had heard a lot about cleanliness of Indore after the Clean India Campaign started. Indore came first in Clean India Survey conducted by Government of India. So I thought I will actually like to verify it today whether Indore is really that clean. On my way when I entered Indore roads were really very clean. That was the first instance where I realized that Indore is little different than other cities.

Roads were very clean and lot of trees have been planted on roadsides. And it does not end here. I reached my hotel in Vijay Nagar around 10 AM. After getting fresh, I went for a breakfast of Poha-Jalebi near Bombay Hospital. I found out people are little more responsible be it shop keepers or consumer. Every shop no matter what they sell is having dustbins.
You can find public toilets on roadside and they are maintained and kept clean. Their slogan is not just Clean Indore Green Indore but "Indore Rahega Number One". In afternoon around 1230 I left for Ujjain. When I entered in Bus I saw a dustbin. I was amazed to see that. If there will be a dustbin inside and people have a little bit of common sense, why they will throw garbage outside the bus. So that arrangement is just awesome. I explore the area around Indore railway station, Madhumilan Cinema, Palasia and lot many other places on my way to hotel. Places are clean and lot of cleanliness slogan you will find out throughout the city.
new lot of cleaning equipment lined up 
So it is not just the administrative effort but it also shows how responsible people of Indore are. I am really impressed. In the evening I visited Treasure Island Mall, Chhappan. Chhappan is just an amazing place for the foodies out there. If you love food then you will definitely love this place. This place is having all varieties of food with a delicious and yummy taste. I am very selective when it comes to my food. But I liked the food. I ate at Madhuram, Vijay Chaat Bhandar and Pushpak Pav Bhaji. Lot of people visit this place but the place is still very clean. You will not see littering in-spite of so much crowd.
standee in Indore
I really liked this lighted structure which says I Love Indore. There is lot I can write but keeping it short, I want to conclude Indore is actually very clean city of India. Indoris should be proud of this and it has really changed my perceptions about Indore. Being a Delhiite, I do give opinions but this opinion is now proven.In the last,I thank friends I met in Indore who made this exploration really thorough and memorable. Hope you like my experience. I will love your comments below.

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  1. Awsum Description! kudos to you for publishing this experience. Great job !!

    1. Thanks KD sir for the good words. good encouragement.

    2. Thanks KD sir for the good words. good encouragement.

  2. Poha jalebi khana band karo!!!

  3. Great Kapil, I think we should Cascade this messages to other cities. Cleanliness is not just the government's responsibility, we as citizens have a responsibility as well. I think the message turns to India rahega no 1 soon

    1. Yes I will love the moment to see India rahega no 1. Lets start our bit by bit towards clean India.


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