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When you actually meet your Achchhe Din

Recently my parents visited my city Pune and we went for a holy trip to Shirdi, Shani Shingnapur, Nashik,Triambakeshwar and Mumbai. I will tell you about the instances where I felt that these days were actually my Achchhe Din. So my parents landed at Pune airport at around 0430 hours early in the morning. I booked an OLA cab for them as they themselves asked me not to come for pickup. So now-a-days these cab services have been given a pick-up zone at the airport so to get pickup people need to go to these points like Ola have Ola pickup zone. So asking my parents to search for such zone was not a good idea in early morning in their first time visit. So I booked this cab and called the driver. I asked him that you should pick my parents from arrivals gate. Firstly he hesitated but then I requested him and he accepted. In 15 minutes my parents were at my door. So this was the beginning. So sometimes these cab services actually do us a favor. My parents enjoyed the day in Pune. Then in

Fastest way to develop a calculator C# - string expression to mathematical expression

Fastest way to develop a calculator C# - string expression to mathematical expression Friends today I will tell you something very amazing. The easiest and fastest way to create a calculator in C#. You would have earlier created calculator by adding two textbox on form where you can enter two numbers and then operator buttons to calculate the result. For example you entered 5 in textbox1 and 7 in textbox2 then if you click on multiply button on the form you get the result as 35 . Similar you can design other operator buttons like add, subtract and division and they will work in similar way. The only issue with this kind of calculator is that you can have only 2 operands and one operator in a expression . With this kind of calculator it is difficult to do huge calculations. Fastest way to develop a calculator in C# language. Convert string expression into mathematical expression. So the solution to this issue is to have a calculator which can compute the value of an express

Convert to two decimal places C# Round to 2 decimal places

Convert to two decimal places C# Round to 2 decimal places There are various methods or you can say ways available to round a number to two decimal places. When we store values in our database, Our main concern is to have a good precision so for that the numbers are stored with lots of decimal places. There can be 6 decimal digits, 8 decimal digits, 10 decimal digits and more. The main concern arises when we need to show such values on front end platforms to the end customers. They might not be interested in so much digits after decimal. So today we will learn various ways in which we can convert / round such number to two decimal places. Things that also matter here is how are you receiving it at your end. If you are receiving it as string you can do it as follows. string decimalNumber = "15.45000000"; string newDecimal= Math.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(decimalNumber, 2).ToString(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture); // Output of newDecimal 15.45 So in the process ab

Indore is actually the cleanest city of India

First of all, I welcome you on my blog. This is my first post. So I thank you for your time. Recently I had a chance to visit Indore which is located in heart state of India Madhya Pradesh. I was very excited because I was visiting Indore for a great cause. I was invited by Google for a Google Search Conference which was held in Indore Marriott. I reached Indore one day before the conference so that I can explore Indore. So I had heard a lot about cleanliness of Indore after the Clean India Campaign started. Indore came first in Clean India Survey conducted by Government of India. So I thought I will actually like to verify it today whether Indore is really that clean. On my way when I entered Indore roads were really very clean. That was the first instance where I realized that Indore is little different than other cities. Roads were very clean and lot of trees have been planted on roadsides. And it does not end here. I reached my hotel in Vijay Nagar around 10 AM. After ge

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